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There are many factors in the choice of resin material for infusion mould. On the one hand, it depends on the characteristics of the substrate, on the other hand, it depends on the application performance. Specifically, there are the following:   Chemical resistance (meets cleaning and other op...
Syringe assembly machine and the medical perfusion device assembly is composed of a needle tube, a tube cap, a push rod or a piston, and each plastic component is produced by an injection molding process. The infuser is generally sterilized with ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide will produce residue af...
With the continuous development of Syringe Blister Packaging Machine, syringe packaging tends to be more large-scale and professional. Syringe packaging is favored by users for its good quality and fast and efficient use efficiency.   There are many types of syringe packaging on the market, and the ...
There are many types of syringe packaging products produced by syringe printing machine. What are the quality requirements of syringe packaging? Now do the following brief analysis based on some of its characteristics:   First of all, the current syringe packaging mainly includes glass and plas...
Today, with the continuous development of the Syringe Blister Packaging Machine, the syringe packaging has also undergone continuous improvement. The original glass material is replaced by a more excellent plastic material. The syringe packaging structure is simple, mainly composed of a tube sleeve,...
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