Selection of syringe packaging and precautions for maintenance

Update:21 Jan 2021

In recent years, syringe drug packaging has gradually d […]

In recent years, syringe drug packaging has gradually developed to use medical-grade plastic, which is light and portable. However, there are many kinds of syringe drug packaging on the market, so we mainly need to consider the following points when choosing syringe drug packaging:


1. The size of the capacity. The capacity of the syringe drug package should be as close as possible to the single feeding amount, so as to ensure that the injection dose reaches the most appropriate amount.


2. To aspirate the liquid, first pull the needle tube to the position of maximum capacity, so that the air in the system can be discharged more conveniently when the liquid is pumped. In the process, first empty, and then suck the liquid and then according to the required dosage Adjust the position of the needle tube downward.


3. Accuracy test. Before the work starts, set the required dose and test the accuracy of the feeder with twice the scale.


4. After maintenance, after the work is completed, the syringe drug packaging should be properly cleaned and disinfected according to the manufacturer's instruction manual. Ensure that the piston runs smoothly, and store the syringe in a clean place after it has dried.


How to judge product quality by the appearance of syringe drug packaging?


With the continuous development of the medical industry, syringe drug packaging is favored by users for its good quality, fast and efficient use efficiency.


There are many types of syringe drug packaging on the market, and the product quality varies. How to judge the quality of syringe products? First of all, from the appearance point of view, the main inspection methods are as follows: The appearance inspection of the syringe drug packaging mainly includes the overall shape of the bottle, the surface tone, the gloss, the appearance quality and other quality characteristics that can be sensed by human vision. The basis of appearance quality inspection is to formulate different appearance defect standards according to the different defects of various parts of the plastic bottle.


The appearance quality of the syringe drug package is usually marked with the minimum allowable limit in kind or a standard sample is made. It is best to seal one standard sample for each defect for comparison and verification. But from the general requirements, the appearance quality should have a uniform milky white color, no obvious color difference, the surface of the product should be smooth and flat, no deformation and obvious scratches, no blisters, oil stains, air bubbles, push rods It has a good fit with the sleeve.

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