The differences between prefilled injection and freeze-dried powder injection

Update:25 Mar 2021

Pharmaceutical companies that use prefilled syringes do […]

Pharmaceutical companies that use prefilled syringes do not need to sterilize during filling production, and their production process is relatively simple, consisting of only liquid preparation, aseptic filtration, and aseptic filling, thus eliminating the need for cleaning, sterilization, siliconization, and drying And other steps, the simple production process brings good aseptic process control, which has a good guarantee for the sterility of the product.

The freeze-dried powder injection is a very complex production process. The production process involves multiple equipment links such as liquid preparation, filling, freeze dryer, capping machine, bottle washing machine, and rubber stopper cleaning. There are many production links. The risk of aseptic control in the production process is greater than that of prefilled injections. Therefore, the production process of prefilled injection preparations is relatively simpler than that of freeze-dried powder injection, with less risk of aseptic control and safer products.

The freeze-dried powder injection generally uses water for injection or 5% glucose as the diluent. After dilution, the diluent is sucked by a syringe for injection. The operation process is relatively cumbersome. The clinical application requires high operation, time-consuming, and risk of contamination. However, the prefilled injection is directly injected when used, which is simple and convenient to use, and reduces the workload of medical staff.

More and more people pay attention to medical safety. In real life, accidental ingestion of packaging is not uncommon, so how can we increase the safety of medical packaging from a packaging perspective?

The emergence of a new form of medical packaging-the infusion device can greatly increase the safety and precise dosage of medicine. The infusion device is a new type of medicine packaging container with high technical content and suitable for injection and injection dosage forms. The feeder and the liquid medicine packaging container are combined into one, and it is directly injected when used, which is very convenient.

The perfusion device is precise in medication, high in use rate of liquid, and safe and convenient to administer. The packaging of medicines is shifting towards refined small-dose packaging, striving to be safer, more accurate and pollution-free. The perfusion device can store medicines and has the function of injection. It is a kind of high-tech, practical and new injection dosage form.

The infusion device is mainly used for the packaging of ointments and nutritional creams, which can minimize the possibility of drug contamination. The perfusion device, with its characteristics such as accurate medicament filling and ensuring that the medicine is not polluted, abandons the cumbersome operation of traditional injection, allowing feeding and use in one step.

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