Blister packaging machine application industry and its feature

Update:18 Jul 2019

Plastic packaging industry (blister packaging, plastics […]

Plastic packaging industry (blister packaging, plastics, batteries, toys, gifts, hardware, home appliances, electronics, stationery, decoration);

Food packaging industry (fast food box, fruit tray, biscuit box);

Pharmaceutical industry (pill packaging, tablet packaging);

Industrial cooling tower cooling water deflector, etc.;

Decorative three-dimensional relief pattern, plastic ceiling, siding, automotive materials, sanitary equipment and other manufacturing industries.

Suitable for the production of various color sheets: polyethylene PS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, plexiglass, ABS, polymethyl methacrylate; flocking sheet; environmentally friendly sheet APET, PET, PP, etc.; photodegradable materials; biodegradation Plastic products such as materials.

Blister molding technology:

The plastic forming technology, that is, the plastic sheet (plate) material hot forming processing technology, is one of the plastic secondary processing industrial technologies. It is different from one-time processing such as injection molding and extrusion. It is not for the plastic molding of plastic resin or pellets or for continuous molding with the same section of the die. It is not the use of machine tools, tools and other mechanical processing methods to cut a part of plastic materials. Down, obtain the required shape and size, but heat the plastic sheet (plate), use the mold, vacuum or pressure to deform the sheet (plate) to achieve the required shape and size, supplemented by matching processes to achieve application. purpose. Blister packaging machine

Blister molding equipment includes clamping system, heating system, vacuum and compressed air system and molding die

Blister molding features:

(1) Adaptability of product specifications Strongly, the plastic forming method can be used to manufacture extra large, extra small, extra thick and extremely thin products. The sheet can be as thin as 1~2MM or even thinner, and the product area can be as large as 10m2. , as small as a few square millimeters, the wall thickness can be as large as 20mm, as small as 0.1mm.

(2) Wide range of products, daily use, blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, automotive blister packaging, electronic product blister packaging, food blister packaging, cosmetic blister packaging, computer peripheral equipment blister packaging, toy blister packaging , sports goods blister packaging, stationery supplies, blister packaging, etc.

(3) Low equipment investment

(4) Easy mold manufacturing, (with plaster mold, copper mold, aluminum mold ~~~~)

(5) High production efficiency.

It saves raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, meets the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging; can pack any shaped products, no additional buffering material is required for packing; the packaged products are transparent, beautiful in appearance and easy to sell, and Suitable for mechanization, automated packaging, easy modern management, saving manpower and improving efficiency

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