Characteristics of injection molding process for medical packaging

Update:10 Oct 2020

The principle of medical packaging injection molding is […]

The principle of medical packaging injection molding is to add powder or powdered plastic into the hopper of the injection machine, the plastic is heated and melted in the injection machine to keep it flowing, and then written into the closed mold under a certain pressure, and the shape is shaped by cooling After that, the molten plastic solidifies and becomes the desired plastic part.


The advantages of medical packaging injection molding are the relatively short molding cycle, high production power, and simple automation of production. It has wide-scale contrast, and can form plastic parts with chaotic shape contrast and accurate scale contrast.


In the preparation before medical packaging molding, plastics need to be preheated and boring to prevent defects in the appearance of plastic parts or degradation after molding, which affects the appearance and inner quality of plastic parts. When changing materials or changing products, you need to clean the barrel. The injection molding process of veterinary drug plastic bottles includes: feeding, plasticizing, film filling, pressure maintaining and shrinking, cooling after the gate is frozen, and demoulding. After the medical packaging injection molding technology is completed, there is post-processing of plastic parts. Because of uneven plasticization or uneven crystallization, orientation, and cold and heat of the plastic in the cavity, some internal stresses inevitably exist in the plastic part, which will cause the plastic part to deform or crack during use. Therefore, we should find a way eliminate.


Medical packaging injection blow molding is to first make a bottomed parison by injection, and then blow it to a blow mold to form a hollow product. Injection blow molding can precisely control the products, and can produce products with no scratches, high precision and smooth surface without secondary processing.

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