Classification and advantages of needleless syringes

Update:18 Aug 2020

At present, there are four main types of needleless syr […]

At present, there are four main types of needleless syringes, namely, split type, pistol type, pen type and desktop type. The pen type is mostly for one-time use by humans or small animals; the desktop type is mostly for vaccination of young poultry; the split type and pistol type are mostly used for injecting vaccines or health medicines for various animals.


Compared with ordinary syringes, needleless syringes have the following advantages:


1. Manual injection, quantitative filling and use, and the use of ordinary packaging bottles of liquid medicine may cause waste due to inaccurate injection dosage.


2. Needle-free injection can effectively avoid cross-infection.


3. It is prone to not threaten the safety of employees with broken needles during injection.


The prefilled syringe is mainly composed of five parts: outer shell, core rod, piston, positioning ring and protective cap. It is produced by using imported raw materials and injection molding technology. The syringe is mainly used to contain medicines for injection. The main sterilization method used for this product is ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization. It can effectively ensure that the product is sterile before use. The scale value can be printed on the push rod to ensure the accuracy of medication.




1. Ensure that the perfusion device will not be exposed to the sun for a long time.


2. Place it in a place where children are not easy to touch.


3. Do not put the irrigator in a humid and cold environment.


4. Prevent the injector from falling from a height.


5. Fasten the protective cap of the prefilled syringe containing the liquid medicine to prevent the liquid medicine from overflowing.


6. Avoid direct contact with other chemical solvents.


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