Comparison of different sterilization methods of packaging syringes

Update:02 Feb 2021

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the medica […]

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the medical industry, the quality requirements for packaging are getting higher and higher. As the packaging method of medicines, drug packaging syringes have relatively high requirements for sterility. Therefore, not only the production environment is required to be a Class D clean workshop, but also a separate sterilization treatment is required.


The aseptic treatment of drug packaging syringes mainly includes ethylene oxide and cobalt 60 sterilization methods. Among them, ethylene oxide sterilization is mainly gas sterilization, and cobalt 60 sterilization is irradiation sterilization, which is relatively expensive. . The main advantages of the two are as follows:


Ethylene oxide sterilization of drug packaging syringes has the following advantages:


1. It can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores.


2. Sterilized items can be wrapped and packaged as a whole, which can be kept aseptic before use.


3. Does not corrode plastic, metal and rubber;


4. It can penetrate irregular objects.


The characteristics of the irradiation sterilization method of Cobalt 60 sterilization for drug packaging syringes are:


1. Strong penetrating power, no need to open the product packaging during irradiation, which can ensure that all parts of the product are evenly irradiated, and the effect of sterilization can be achieved.


2. Irradiation sterilization is carried out under normal temperature and pressure, with no residue, no pollution, no residue, convenient and fast.

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