How does the infusion device ensure the accuracy of medication

Update:14 Oct 2020

Air bubbles are prone to be produced during the product […]

Air bubbles are prone to be produced during the production of medical irrigators, and some air molecules may still be generated to remain in the irrigator even under the lowest vacuum. If you use the best process conditions, you may be able to avoid bubbles.


The size of the remaining bubbles in the infusion device mainly depends on the vacuum in the syringe and the filling level during operation. The amount of dissolved gas is negligible. For example, the traditional vacuum stopper method is used: Fill a 1ml (long) syringe with 0.75ml of water-based product and press the stopper at a pressure of 100mbar to produce a diameter of 2mm bubble (based on 1000mbar pressure).


As the gas is dissolved in the product, the volume of bubbles can be reduced by about 10%. Generally speaking, the pressure in the infusion device must be significantly higher than the vapor pressure of the product. Low vacuum, low friction, high filling level, high gas solubility, and the use of push rods will reduce the residual gas space in the syringe.



The infusion device is mainly composed of a jacket, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring and a protective cap. It adopts advanced injection molding technology to ensure stable product quality and beautiful appearance. It can not only be used as a medicine packaging, but also as an injection device, which greatly saves costs.


The infusion device mainly uses the following three aspects to ensure the accuracy of medication:


First: advanced injection molding technology, excellent product quality, uniform tube wall, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the volume.


Second: The product has good sealing properties, which can effectively prevent leakage and ensure the accuracy of the liquid medicine volume.


Third: Accurately print the volume scale on the push rod of the perfusion device, you can visually see the volume of the liquid medicine, and effectively ensure the accuracy of the medicine.

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