How to judge the quality of syringe packaging

Update:03 Apr 2020

Syringe packaging is a new type of pharmaceutical packa […]

Syringe packaging is a new type of pharmaceutical packaging container with high technical content, suitable for injection and feeding. Syringe packaging manufacturers are very concerned about the quality of syringe packaging. How do they detect and control it?

First, visually inspect the appearance of the syringe. In a bright place with natural light, make a formal visual inspection. Because of its uniform color, the surface of the syringe should be smooth and flat; the inner wall of the needle tube should be smooth and free of ripples, and the head of the syringe should be flat, smooth, and useless. Printing defects.

Second, the pullout force of the syringe cap should be between (4.0-4.5) N. The fit between the piston and the push rod; the piston is completely inserted into the syringe lubricated with silicone oil and filled with half of water, and a protective cap is inserted into the syringe, and it is slowly withdrawn 3mm away. The push rod must be stable. Should not be separated from the piston.

Apply the axial pressure of 30N on the push rod piston again for 30 seconds. There should be no leakage at the seal of the syringe cap and the seal of the piston. Use a push rod to push the piston into the entire syringe. The push rod piston should move smoothly without sudden stops.

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