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The plunger in the syringe is allowed to move along the syringe within a certain range. During storage and transportation, and when in a low-pressure environment, plunger movement caused by pressure changes may potentially affect the integrity of the seal. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the ...
Pre-filled syringes are increasingly being used as the container closure system of choice for biological agents. It must provide a complete barrier to protect the stability and sterility of the drug product throughout its shelf life. Drug manufacturers are required to check and prove that the system...
Disposable medicinal syringes consist of a dispenser needle. The typical structure of the dispenser is two pieces and three pieces; the types are medium head type and eccentric head type; the capacity is 10 mL, 20 mL, 30 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, etc. It is generally composed of ruler, zero scale line, ind...
Pre-filled syringes have been widely recognized and applied in Europe and the United States for their advantages of accurate drug delivery, high utilization of medicinal solution, and safe and convenient drug administration. In recent years, their development momentum in China has become more and mo...
In the process of determining the design plan, in addition to paying attention to the functions of the above products, their external appearance and whether they are in line with people's psychology, they should also pay attention to the actual design cost of the equipment, whether the production pr...
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