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1. Sterile barrier system (SBS): In the ISO/EN standard, medical device packaging is referred to as a sterile barrier system. 2. Basic requirements for all types of sterile barrier systems (SBS): Can make sterilizing agent enter Can be sterilized Protects the contents of the bag Can sterilize (if ap...
What is a sterile medical device? Sterile medical device refers to a non-viable microorganism on the product. It is a medical device product provided by a medical device manufacturer in a sterile state. It is a sterile medical device product that is directly used by medical institutions and the publ...
Compared with general medical devices, handheld medical devices have a wide range of functions, such as meeting patient requirements, occupying less space, facilitating maintenance, and being free to carry. Due to the widespread use of handheld medical devices and the great help for medical personne...
Modern medical devices incorporate multi-disciplinary research results, with complex functions and diverse modules. At the same time, the users of medical devices are also complicated. The users of handheld medical devices are not all professional medical personnel. The user environment surrounding ...
One of the main differences between handheld medical devices and other medical devices is that this type of medical device occupies a very small space, which is mainly operated by hands, and the details of small medical devices are often determined during operation. final result. Therefore, the shap...
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