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In theory, it is impossible to be bubble-free when producing syringe packaging, because even under the lowest vacuum, there will still be some air molecules remaining in the syringe packaging. If the best process conditions are used, the bubbles may be so small that they are invisible to the naked e...
In recent years, syringe drug packaging has gradually developed to use medical-grade plastic, which is light and portable. However, there are many kinds of syringe drug packaging on the market, so we mainly need to consider the following points when choosing syringe drug packaging:   1. The siz...
Drug packaging syringes have a protective effect on drugs. When designing the packaging, it is necessary to include the convenience of transportation and the characteristics of the drugs to ensure the normal effect of the drugs.   The main functions of the drug packaging syringe are as follows:...
Syringe medicine packaging can reduce the waste caused by the absorption of medicines during storage and transfer.   The increase in the use of syringe drug packaging has attracted more and more manufacturers and prompted them to optimize production processes to improve production efficiency an...
In recent years, with the rapid development of syringe drug packaging technology at home and abroad, many pharmaceutical manufacturers have affected the compression rate of the rubber stopper after filling the syringe drug packaging and whether the rubber stopper produces particles and the amount of...
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