Main technical standards and technical indicators of prefilled syringes

Update:25 Nov 2020

There are separate standards for various accessories of […]

There are separate standards for various accessories of prefilled syringes. The main technical indicators of the prefilled syringe assembly are as follows:


1. The body tightness of the prefilled syringe.The tightness of the prefilled syringe body directly affects its adaptability to use, and it is one of the key indicators of various manufacturers.


2. Stress value of prefilled syringes. The production process of glass prefilled syringes must go through an annealing process. Once the internal stress of the prefilled syringes exceeds the standard, there will be untimely spontaneous explosions and the possibility of rupture when induced by a slight external force. A big safety hazard. Scientific detection of the internal stress of prefilled syringes can help companies analyze and improve the internal stress indicators of products, effectively reducing market risks.


3. Piston slidability of prefilled syringes. Piston slidability is an important indicator for detecting prefilled syringes, because when the piston is pushed, the piston and the inner wall of the glass needle tube will produce a certain resistance, which will cause excessive force in actual use. It is difficult to inject. If the force is too small, it will cause danger if the injection is too fast or too strong.


4. Prefilled syringe injection needle rigidity test items. During the application process, the stainless steel needle is required to have a certain rigidity to ensure that the steel needle is not easy to bend during use and reduce the possibility of medical accidents.

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