Medical device design should start with improving the user experience

Update:10 Feb 2020

Focus on product external form and expand product desig […]

Focus on product external form and expand product design innovation

In the process of product design, it should be controlled from two aspects: the external form of the product and the expansion of the design innovation of the product. In the design process of industrial products, if only technical issues are simply considered, they often cannot effectively gain an advantage in market competition. Therefore, in the process of industrial design, it is necessary to comprehensively consider, analyze the problems existing in the existing design, and comprehensively consider the design factors. Design the most modern and innovative products that meet the requirements and are harmonious, and enhance the advantages of the products in the market competition.

In the actual design process of medical devices, we can proceed from the actual product and improve from the user experience. First, address user needs. For example, during the design of the display instrument, if the operator cannot see the corresponding data and indicators during the operation, and the patient cannot see it, then at least one party can be considered in the process of diagnosis during the improvement process. See the corresponding indicators and characteristics in the design process, you can add a symmetrical display. Taking the related equipment used in radiology as an example, by adding symmetrical displays, on the one hand, doctors can record and observe data indicators, and on the other hand, patients can observe the corresponding indicators and data. Second, improve user experience. Analyze whether there will be inconsistencies in the actual work process of the workbench and the management staff. If there is, you should find the correct way to adjust and optimize.

Actual case analysis:

Taking radiotherapy equipment as an example, in its industrial design process, firstly, a corresponding design sketch should be constructed, and the specific size and shape of the equipment should be designed according to the actual situation of the radiotherapy equipment and the actual situation of the patient. Secondly, in the design process, various factors and conditions need to be considered comprehensively. In the actual use of the radiotherapy equipment, can it meet people's normal psychological requirements, whether there will be inconsistencies in appearance, and whether patients will have certain psychological fears during actual use. Secondly, after the design of the hospital bed, whether the appearance of the appearance meets certain standards, whether people can use it with a positive attitude, whether it is simple to operate and so on. All kinds of issues need to be considered in the actual design process of medical device radiotherapy equipment.

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