Optimizing design solutions to achieve innovation in medical device products

Update:18 Feb 2020

In the process of determining the design plan, in addit […]

In the process of determining the design plan, in addition to paying attention to the functions of the above products, their external appearance and whether they are in line with people's psychology, they should also pay attention to the actual design cost of the equipment, whether the production process is mature, and whether the production method is in line with modernization. Ideas, etc. are used to adjust and control, to repeatedly consider technically, to continuously optimize, and then to find correct and effective design solutions. Innovative design of medical devices based on industrial design concepts can achieve greater advantages for products in the industry market competition. The reason is that on the one hand, it realizes the cost optimization principle, and can improve the benefits of medical device companies through correct cost control and sustainable design; on the other hand, in the process of device design, comprehensive consideration of various factors , Combining various design elements, and ultimately achieving innovation and change.

Establish a multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary research and development system to improve corporate innovation capabilities

The medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary high-tech industry that intersects and merges. It usually involves computer science, mechanical technology, chemical technology, and optical technology. The research and development system is an effective way to comprehensively improve the innovation ability and competition level of enterprises. With the increasing support of the country for independent innovation in recent years, a number of related policies have also been introduced, and a multidisciplinary research and development system has been initially formed. Some research institutes and enterprises have successively established relevant research institutions, and many universities (Peking University, Tsinghua University, etc.) have also established related majors such as precision medical instruments, which have sent a large number of high-level medical device professionals to the country. In addition, postgraduates returning home to participate in scientific research will bring foreign experience and technology to China for research and development and design of domestic medical devices. At this point, a multi-level medical technology innovation system (application technology-new products-new technology research —Industrialization, industrial technology research and development) have been initially formed, which has promoted the innovation research and development, design and production of medical devices in China.

In summary, from the current stage of industrialized design of medical equipment and equipment for analysis and exploration, a good medical product requires comprehensive consideration of many factors in the actual design process, adheres to the people-oriented concept of design and innovation, and focuses on Product external form and expansion of product design innovation, product innovation through optimized design solutions, and the establishment of a multi-disciplinary cross-development system to improve the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises, enhance their market competitiveness in R & D and design products, and ultimately achieve medical device companies Maximize the benefits and promote the healthy and sustainable development of market competition.


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