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There are many types of pre-filled syringes on the market, and the quality is different. So how can we correctly identify the quality of pre-filled syringes?   Now do the following brief analysis based on some of its characteristics:   First of all, currently pre-filled syringes are mainly...
The factory inspection of pre-filled syringes is very important in the inspection. The factory inspection standards are mainly composed of the following three parts. 1 Each batch of pre-filled syringe products can pass the inspection by the manufacturer's quality inspection department and can only b...
As a new type of medicine packaging method, plastic syringe has the characteristics of simple use and convenient operation. High-quality plastic syringes need to undergo various inspections such as appearance, tightness and lubricity, and the safety and stability of the product can be guaranteed onl...
Nowadays, there are many kinds of prefilled syringe products on the market, with different quality. So how can we choose the most suitable prefilled syringe scientifically? Now make the following brief analysis based on some of its characteristics: First of all, the current prefilled syringes are ma...
The plastic syringe is an advanced liquid medicine container, which can be used as a container as well as a syringe. The plastic syringe is mainly composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a positioning ring, and a piston. The quality inspection of plastic syringes includes many aspects. This article m...
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