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Modern medical devices incorporate multi-disciplinary research results, with complex functions and diverse modules. At the same time, the users of medical devices are also complicated. The users of handheld medical devices are not all professional medical personnel. The user environment surrounding ...
One of the main differences between handheld medical devices and other medical devices is that this type of medical device occupies a very small space, which is mainly operated by hands, and the details of small medical devices are often determined during operation. final result. Therefore, the shap...
In addition to the two design points mentioned above, the tactile design of handheld medical devices is also a very important aspect. The tactile design is mainly to allow the operator to clearly feel that he or she is operating a medical device, and at the same time, it is more obvious in the sense...
Project establishment: According to the annual product development plan, or customer requirements, or the results of market surveys, the project is established to describe the economic significance of the project. Due to the high operating cost of medical devices, low-value, low-volume products are ...
For sterile and implantable medical devices, what principles should be followed when setting up a laboratory? Local sterility test rooms, microbiological limit rooms and positive control rooms (including the flow of people and logistics are relatively independent) should be established separately un...
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