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The infusion device is mainly used for the packaging and storage of high-end drugs, which can reduce the waste of drugs due to the adsorption of the storage and transfer process, especially for expensive biochemical preparations. Avoid repeated suction after using the diluent to reduce the chance of...
The prefilled syringe has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a protective cap, and a piston. The push rod can be printed with scales, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of medication. The prefilled syringe is sterile and free of cross-infection. It can be ...
Syringe assembly is a process of mixing a fluid with an injector that is filled with sterile water. The injection unit acts as a reservoir to hold the fluid and the needle that is used to inject the fluid into the body part. The syringe machine has many components such as barrel, needle, gasket and ...
The increasing use of prefilled syringes has attracted more and more manufacturers and prompted them to optimize production processes to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs; however, under the premise of rapid development, we must also pay attention to prefilled syringes. Produ...
Air bubbles are prone to be produced during the production of medical irrigators, and some air molecules may still be generated to remain in the irrigator even under the lowest vacuum. If you use the best process conditions, you may be able to avoid bubbles.   The size of the remaining bubbles ...
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