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Pre-filled syringes have been widely recognized and applied in Europe and the United States for their advantages of accurate drug delivery, high utilization of medicinal solution, and safe and convenient drug administration. In recent years, their development momentum in China has become more and mo...
In the process of determining the design plan, in addition to paying attention to the functions of the above products, their external appearance and whether they are in line with people's psychology, they should also pay attention to the actual design cost of the equipment, whether the production pr...
Focus on product external form and expand product design innovation In the process of product design, it should be controlled from two aspects: the external form of the product and the expansion of the design innovation of the product. In the design process of industrial products, if only technical ...
Industrial design can play a vital role in the development of the current medical device industry. In the development of the medical device industry, it can ensure that the design of medical devices meets the needs of current consumers, meets consumer habits, and integrates medical devices. Can fund...
What is a sterile medical device? Sterile medical devices refer to products that have no living microorganisms. They are medical device products provided by medical device manufacturers in a sterile state. They are sterile medical device products that are directly used by medical institutions and th...
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