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The principle of medical packaging injection molding is to add powder or powdered plastic into the hopper of the injection machine, the plastic is heated and melted in the injection machine to keep it flowing, and then written into the closed mold under a certain pressure, and the shape is shaped by...
The infusion device is composed of a needle tube, a cap, a push rod or a piston. The sterility of the perfusion device and the detection of abnormal toxicity are its two important indicators. Test method for sterility of perfusion device: (After sterilization) Take an appropriate amount of this prod...
Pre-filled syringes are mainly used for packaging and storage of ointments, which can reduce the waste of drugs due to adsorption during storage and transfer.   The increase in the use of prefilled syringes has attracted more and more manufacturers and prompted them to optimize production proce...
Pre-filled syringes are directly in contact with drugs, and their sterility must be guaranteed. Generally, prefilled syringes should be produced in a clean workshop that meets the standards. In addition, to ensure their sterility, if the manufacturer has higher requirements for sterility, Additional...
Prefilled syringes are mainly used for the filling and use of drugs. Qualified products need to undergo rigorous testing. Dissolution testing is an important indicator of prefilled syringe testing. It mainly includes four tests for pH change, heavy metals, easy oxides and nonvolatiles.   Prepar...
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