Physical testing of plastic syringes

Update:04 Aug 2020

The plastic syringe is an advanced liquid medicine cont […]

The plastic syringe is an advanced liquid medicine container, which can be used as a container as well as a syringe. The plastic syringe is mainly composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a positioning ring, and a piston. The quality inspection of plastic syringes includes many aspects. This article mainly introduces the physical inspection methods of plastic syringes.


The specific content methods are as follows:


1. Appearance


Take 20 of this product, take 20 of this product, look directly at it in a bright place with natural light. It should have a uniform color, and the surface should be smooth and flat; there should be no obvious color difference, no crooked pipe phenomenon, no burrs, no deformation and obvious scratches, no blisters, oil, and air bubbles; the inner wall of the sleeve is smooth, No corrugation, the head of the syringe should be flat and smooth.


2. Tightness, fit between piston and push rod, cap pull-out force, piston sliding.


Use a pre-filled sealability tester for testing. The force value of each stage can be displayed, and judgment can be made according to the displayed value.


3. Resilience


Take 10 pieces of this product, add water to the indicated capacity, and drop naturally from the specified height of 1.5 meters to a horizontal steel smooth surface without breaking.

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