Pre-filled syringes have the following outstanding advantages

Update:20 Mar 2020

Pre-filled syringe is a new type of pharmaceutical pack […]

Pre-filled syringe is a new type of pharmaceutical packaging container with high technical content, suitable for injection and injection dosage forms. It is mainly used for cow mastitis treatment and paste medicine. The pre-filled injection is to directly inject the injection drug into a syringe, and combine the syringe and the medicinal solution packaging container into one. It is very convenient to inject directly when in use.

1. More accurate doses of medications. There are many residual medicinal fluids during use. Pre-filled syringes can minimize the residues of medicinal fluids and the dosages are more accurate.

2. Direct injection, to avoid the staff from harming themselves during the dispensing process.

3. Convenient to use, no pollution: The pre-filled liquid medicine only needs to remove the needle cap and directly inject it. There is no cross-contamination, and the air can't contact the medicine, so the injection is truly safe.

The pre-filled syringe produced by the pharmaceutical factory can be used directly, which solves this problem well. Each pre-filled syringe already contains a dose of the drug, which can be discarded after use, avoiding the potential contamination of the drug being injected into the syringe during conventional injections.

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