Syringe process characteristics and sealing requirements

Update:02 Sep 2020

Pre-filled syringes are mainly made of glass and plasti […]

Pre-filled syringes are mainly made of glass and plastic materials. Plastic pre-filled syringes are gradually replacing glass syringes. They mainly have lower cost, higher safety than glass, and are not easy to break. They are relatively high-quality products. The production process itself is relatively advanced. Generally speaking, the injection molding process is used to produce prefilled syringes. The products produced by the injection molding process are molded at one time, with no leftovers, accurate product size and uniform weight.


Pre-filled syringes have high requirements on the product's tightness. When selecting the perfusion device, the tightness of the product should be tested. Fill the syringe with half of the water, insert the piston into the syringe, remove the protective cap, remove the residual air, and use it again. If the protective cap is blocked, apply an axial pressure of 30N on the push rod rubber plug inside the syringe through the push rod and keep it for thirty seconds. There should be no leakage at the seal of the protective cap and the piston.


Due to direct contact with drugs, the sterility of prefilled syringes must be guaranteed. Generally speaking, they should be produced in a clean workshop that meets national standards. In addition, in order to ensure its sterility, if the manufacturer has higher requirements for sterility, Additional ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 irradiation sterilization can be performed.


In recent years, the packaging of medicines has shifted to refined small-dose packaging. The infusion device integrates "medication storage" and "injection function", and strives to be safer, more accurate and pollution-free. The perfusion device is a new dosage form of high-tech, practical and new injection.


The traditional injection method may cause the contamination of the liquid medicine due to improper operation during the injection process, and the infusion device can provide a more efficient and economical drug delivery method. Precise medication, high liquid usage rate, safe administration and other advantages. Receive universal recognition and application. The medical perfusion device abandons the cumbersome operation of the penetrating injection method, allowing the liquid medicine to be injected in one step. It has been adopted by more and more enterprises.


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