Ten characteristics of automatic blister packaging machine

Update:10 Aug 2019

Automatic blister packaging machine 1. Control system: […]

Automatic blister packaging machine

1. Control system: central integrated control system, which enables automatic feeding of feeding→heating→blistering→cooling→debonding→cutting

Blister molding work. The use of imported components improves the control performance of the whole machine, especially ensuring the quality and quality of the whole machine;

2, feeding transmission system: using Japanese servo · frequency conversion technology, electronically controlled pull tab, powerful horsepower, and the length of the pull tab is accurate (accurate

Up to ±2mm), combined with pin chain drive; high speed operation can still ensure its accuracy and stability, with adjustable width device, maximum

Limiting the width of the clips allows Jiu Luo mechanical energy to maximize the use of film and reduce waste. Can adapt to the processing technology of different raw materials;

3, temperature control system: the use of far-infrared ceramic heating bricks, independent control switch, uniform temperature control, built-in insulation materials, so that heat

The loss is reduced to a minimum, energy saving is remarkable, and the provincial power is 40% higher than that of the ordinary machine;

4, automatic slicing: the use of rodless cylinder drive blade reciprocating slicing, slicing easily without vibration. Electric synchronous adjustment of the upper mold;

5. Vibration demoulding: It can be adjusted between 0~11 times. The two upper molds can protect the molded product from deformation and cracking during demoulding.

Sewing; it is the best choice for this product that is easy to mold and difficult to demould;

6, cold air system: equipped with a chiller and spray air cooling system rapid cooling device, no vibration and residual wind, speed up production;

7. Secondary vacuum: Built-in secondary vacuum makes it easier to shape difficult products, reduce scrap rate and improve product quality;

8, control mode: manual and automatic dual-use optional, electric synchronous adjustment of the upper mold, test mode, mass production, random conversion, operation

Simple; ensure molding quality and improve product quality.

9. Early warning system: equipped with product quantity setting device, full board alarm device, suitable for batch products or film production system


10. Electric furnace control: The electric furnace is made of stainless steel to avoid the use of iron plates in the same type of machine to produce iron oxide under high temperature.

Falling on the sheet causes the product to be scrapped;

Automatic blister packaging machine is mainly used in plastic packaging industry (blister packaging, plastics, batteries, toys, gifts, hardware, home appliances, electronics, stationery, decoration); food packaging industry (fast food boxes, fruit trays, biscuit boxes); Industrial cooling tower cooling water deflector, etc.; decorative three-dimensional relief pattern, plastic ceiling, siding, automotive materials, sanitary equipment and other manufacturing industries.

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