The practicality of the external appearance of medical devices should be guaranteed

Update:20 Jan 2020

Industrial design can play a vital role in the developm […]

Industrial design can play a vital role in the development of the current medical device industry. In the development of the medical device industry, it can ensure that the design of medical devices meets the needs of current consumers, meets consumer habits, and integrates medical devices. Can fundamentally transform into a whole. In the design process, according to the rationality of production, the rationality of consumption and the rationality of use, a comprehensive and systematic conception is made according to the actual function of the product, and then the function and use of the medical device are truly brought into play, enabling it to be able to Get better promotion during market development.

First of all, in the innovation and development of medical devices, the morphological characteristics and shapes of medical devices should be emphasized. The external image often determines the characteristics and uses of medical devices. With the changes in product functions and technical requirements at the current stage, in the design process of medical devices, on the one hand, the practicality of the external appearance of medical devices should be guaranteed, and on the other hand, the uniqueness and innovation of the external image of medical devices need to be valued. At the same time, fully consider the physical and psychological factors of people in the process of use. In addition, the actual situation of the enterprise in the development of the medical device market and the related strategies should be taken as the core, and the quality, price, after-sales service and cost of the medical device products at the current stage should be taken into account. The development of medical devices according to industrial design principles and principles is a modern way of thinking.

Secondly, in terms of technology, some products have large potential safety hazards in terms of quality. It is necessary to strengthen the quality management of medical devices and equipment, and to improve the quality of medical devices and equipment to exert their effects.

Thirdly, from the perspective of price, the industrial design of medical devices should attach importance to cost control, but in the process of cost control, attention should be paid to quality control, and the interaction and mutual constraint between cost and quality should be realized. . Under the premise of market competition, enterprises should avoid cost higher than the average market cost in the medical device innovation research and development process. This is not only disadvantageous to the sustainable development of the enterprise, but also not conducive to the company's gain in market competition. Competitive Advantage. Therefore, in the industrial design and transformation of medical devices, the final concern is the cost of the product. It can optimize management strategies and production methods, and reduce product costs through large-scale production methods, thereby improving the advantages of products in market competition.

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