What are the aspects of the appearance inspection of the syringe medical packaging

Update:24 Feb 2021

With the continuous development of the medical industry […]

With the continuous development of the medical industry, medical and health issues have received more and more attention. Syringe medical packaging is favored by users for its good quality, fast and efficient use efficiency.


There are many types of medical packaging on the market, and the product quality is uneven. Syringe medical packaging is gradually presented to people as a new packaging method. First of all, from the appearance of the syringe medical packaging, the main inspection methods are as follows:


The appearance inspection of the syringe medical packaging mainly includes the overall shape of the bottle, the surface tone, gloss, appearance quality and other quality characteristics that can be perceived by human vision. The basis of appearance quality inspection is to formulate different appearance defect standards according to the different defects of various parts of the plastic bottle. The appearance quality of the syringe medical packaging is usually marked with the minimum allowable limit in kind or a standard sample is made. The standard sample is the most


It is good to seal one of each defect for comparison and verification. But from the overall requirements of the syringe medical packaging, the appearance quality should have a uniform milky white color, no obvious color difference, the surface of the product should be smooth and flat, no deformation and obvious scratches, no trachoma, oil stains , Air bubbles, the push rod and the sleeve have a good fit.


The main components of syringe medical packaging: piston, push rod, protective cap, tube sleeve. It can be used both as a container and as a syringe. It is deeply loved by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical companies.


Syringe medicine packaging advantages: easy filling operation, sterilization with ethylene oxide gas, complete sterilization, and ensure sterility. Cost-saving, it can be used as a liquid medicine container and as a syringe, it can be used efficiently, can reduce the time of medication, can print a scale on the push rod, and can ensure the accuracy of medication. The sealing performance is good, which can effectively prevent the leakage of liquid medicine, and the prefilled syringe can effectively prevent cross-infection!


The sealing requirements of the syringe medical packaging: take an appropriate amount of the syringe, inject half of the water into the syringe, insert the piston into the syringe, remove the protective cap to remove residual air, and then block it with the protective cap, and pass the push rod into the syringe medical packaging Axial pressure of 30N is applied to the rubber plug of the push rod for 30 seconds, and there should be no leakage at the seal of the cap and the seal of the piston.



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