What are the factors that affect the sealing of plastic syringes

Update:13 May 2021

As a new type of drug packaging method, plastic syringe […]

As a new type of drug packaging method, plastic syringe has the characteristics of simple use and convenient operation. The use greatly reduces the process of dispensing before the drug is used; it reduces the error of drug dosage, because the plastic syringe contains all the precise absolute medications. Dosage, it is a brand-new device that combines the primary packaging of liquid preparations and syringes into one.

The plastic syringe is mainly composed of a needle tube, a rubber piston, a push rod, a cone and a protective cap. The syringe components have good compatibility with medicines. At the same time, the syringe itself has good sealing performance, and the medicines can be stored for a long time. The main factors affecting the tightness of plastic syringes are as follows:

First, adopt sealing components that comply with internationally accepted standards;

Second, when the components of the sealing system or the potting system are changed, the impact on the sealing system should be evaluated in time, and the sealing integrity should be re-verified if necessary;

Third, the verification of tightness requirements should meet the requirements of bacteria intrusion test and saturated salt water test;

Fourth, in addition to conventional experimental methods, plastic syringes should also be subjected to influencing factor experiments, accelerated experiments, etc. to ensure that their sealing performance during the validity period meets user requirements.



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