What are the packaging and shipping standards for prefilled syringes

Update:29 Apr 2021

The pre-filled syringe assembly is composed of a needle […]

The pre-filled syringe assembly is composed of a needle tube, a cap, a push rod or a piston, and each plastic assembly is produced by an injection molding process. Do you know the identification, packaging, transportation and storage standards of prefilled syringes?

1. Identification

The small package of each prefilled syringe product should have the following signs:

a) Product name and trademark;

b) Factory name and site;

c) Batch number, model specification;

d) Implementation standard number;

e) production date;

f) In addition to the above signs, the quantity should be marked on the large package of prefilled syringe products. The signs such as "be afraid of rain", "be afraid of the sun", "stacking layer limit N=8", etc. should comply with relevant regulations.

2. Packaging

Carton for outer packaging, plastic bag for inner packaging, store in a dry and ventilated place.

3. Transport

Pay attention to sun protection, rain and snow during transportation. Do not mix and transport with toxic or hazardous materials.

4. Storage

The storage environment for prefilled syringes should be a dry, well-ventilated room with no harmful or corrosive materials around.

Retest period: 24 months.


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