What is the main mold composition of a plastic syringe

Update:21 May 2021

The structure of the plastic syringe is relatively simp […]

The structure of the plastic syringe is relatively simple, generally mainly composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring and a protective cap. In addition, the plastic syringe is safe to use and can be used in a single dose, which can effectively avoid cross-infection. Below we mainly introduce the two main parts of the plastic syringe, the jacket mold and the mandrel mold.

Jacket mold: The main processing part of the syringe is the tube sleeve. Because the wall thickness is relatively thin and the molding difficulty is relatively high, through repeated experiments, the mold structure of "fixed distance and parting double point gate" is adopted, and there are two point gates on the end surface of the product. During injection, because the material flow is evenly injected into the cavity along the two point gates, the mandrel is not skewed, the gate residual melt mark is small, and it automatically breaks off, thereby improving the appearance quality of the product.

Core rod mold: The core rod is the second important part of the product, the structure is cross-shaped, and the two-plate mold is used to process the cross ribs by EDM. It can also adopt a multi-piece combined structure, which can be processed by wire cutting equipment to lower the cross bars, and then combined after polishing.


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