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Yuhuan Heng Xiang Yuhuan Heng Xiang

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who we are and what we do!

Yuhuan Heng Xiang Machinery Equipment Co., a professional production of medical device manufacturer of automation equipment. Also we are famous

China iv infusion set machine manufacturers and syringe mould suppliers

, our factory located in the southeast coastal city of Qinggang xudou Industrial Zone Yuhuan Zhejiang, next to Ningbo and Wenzhou city.


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The main value of the infusion...

Pre-filled syringes are mainly used for packaging and storage of ointments, which can reduce the waste of drugs due to a...

What problems should be paid a...

Pre-filled syringes are directly in contact with drugs, and their sterility must be guaranteed. Generally, prefilled syr...

Dissolution experiment of pref...

Prefilled syringes are mainly used for the filling and use of drugs. Qualified products need to undergo rigorous testing...

Syringe process characteristic...

Pre-filled syringes are mainly made of glass and plastic materials. Plastic pre-filled syringes are gradually replacing ...

What problems should be paid a...

1. The Infusion mould design should be reasonable, and the optimal structural plan should be selected as much as possibl...

Classification and advantages ...

At present, there are four main types of needleless syringes, namely, split type, pistol type, pen type and desktop type...

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