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Pre-filled syringes are directly in contact with drugs, and their sterility must be guaranteed. Generally, prefilled syringes should be produced in a clean workshop that meets the standards. In addition, to ensure their sterility, if the manufacturer has higher requirements for sterility, Additional...
Prefilled syringes are mainly used for the filling and use of drugs. Qualified products need to undergo rigorous testing. Dissolution testing is an important indicator of prefilled syringe testing. It mainly includes four tests for pH change, heavy metals, easy oxides and nonvolatiles.   Prepar...
Pre-filled syringes are mainly made of glass and plastic materials. Plastic pre-filled syringes are gradually replacing glass syringes. They mainly have lower cost, higher safety than glass, and are not easy to break. They are relatively high-quality products. The production process itself is relati...
1. The Infusion mould design should be reasonable, and the optimal structural plan should be selected as much as possible for manufacturing. Designers should fully consider the technical requirements of the mould and the feasibility and manufacturability of its structural design.   2. The desig...
At present, there are four main types of needleless syringes, namely, split type, pistol type, pen type and desktop type. The pen type is mostly for one-time use by humans or small animals; the desktop type is mostly for vaccination of young poultry; the split type and pistol type are mostly used fo...
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