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Automatic blister packaging machine 1. Control system: central integrated control system, which enables automatic feeding of feeding→heating→blistering→cooling→debonding→cutting Blister molding work. The use of imported components improves the control performance of the whole machine, especially ens...
“There is more and more discussion about disposable filling systems associated with prefilled syringes in the pharmaceutical industry.” Pre-filled needles have become the preferred method of infusion because they are not only easy to handle, but also improve the accuracy of the dose. In addition, th...
Plastics can be divided into thermoplastics and thermosets according to their heating behavior. The materials used for thermoforming are mostly thermoplastic materials. The single or multi-layer composite plastic sheet (board) used for thermoforming must have the following process properties. 1: pla...
Disposable filling systems associated with prefilled syringes are increasingly being discussed in the pharmaceutical industry. This approach eliminates the need to clean and verify parts that come into contact with the product, reducing the cost of biotech products. At this point, peristaltic pumps ...
The plastic syringe structure is relatively simple, and generally consists of a sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring and a protective cap. In addition, plastic syringes are safe to use and can be used in a single dose to effectively avoid cross-infection. Below we mainly introduce the in...
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